Easy to learn. Easy to use. Amazing results.

Mercalli Easy makes it a snap to stabilize shaky video. Just drag and drop a video into the app, and preview how it will look with a “before and after” comparison. When you like the changes you’ve made, Mercalli Easy does the rest with a single click to render, export and save.

In addition to shaky video correction, Mercalli Easy allows you to rotate, trim edit and even fix annoying rolling-shutter distortions. Fixing video like a pro is easy!

- Handheld video shot without a tripod
- Shooting from a moving car,
  boat or airplane, or while walking
- Video shot from action/helmet cams
- Tracking fast action
- Wind or weather



Powerful features, amazing results.

Turn shaky videos into works of art. Right now.

Shaky video happens, and sometimes it’s unavoidable. Common culprits are: footage shot from moving vehicles and cameras getting knocked around in the wind MORE

Rolling-shutter distortion, fixed automatically.

Most modern cameras and camcorders use a digital sensor, called a CMOS sensor, to capture video. They’re a great MORE

Focus on capturing the action — we can fix it later.

Knowing that Mercalli Easy can take your shaky but otherwise once-in-a-lifetime videos and fix them after the fact means you don’t have to worry about keeping the MORE

Easy editing.

Ever want to turn the video from portrait to landscape? Or shorten a scene that is just too long? No problem! Mercalli Easy can easily rotate video to correct MORE

Save in popular file formats.

Mercalli Easy not only stabilizes and adjusts your video, but exports into common formats needed for posting MORE

Mercalli Easy system requirements.

Intel® Core2Duo 1.6Ghz (or equivalent) CPU, 2GB RAM, Windows 7®, Windows Vista.

Recommended: Intel Core™ i3 or faster, 4GB RAM, Windows 7

Need more features, more control? Go pro.

If you’re looking for more control and stabilization fine-tuning options, our Mercalli SAL professional stabilizer application might be just the ticket. Mercalli V2 SAL gives you the flexibility to control the stabilization by camera axis (x, y, z axis), as well as adjust the video borders and fine-tune the amount of stabilization applied for that perfect balance. Learn more.